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PureHRMS is a full featured HRMS which comes with video documentaion and 24x7 support to solve your queries , if you have any.

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Checkout some of the features of PureHRMS below.


This is the section where employee can see his projects, mark his attendance in or out time,see notifications and lots more.


Here you can add new department like HR,IT,Finance,etc. You can also edit / delete old departments if you wish.


We all have some designations so in this section you can add/modify/delete designations specific to departments.


Register employees, edit employees, delete employees, enable/disable employees using this section.You can manage all employees using this section.


You can assign the teams to the employess so that you can divide works and tasks to each employees of teams. You can create/edit and remove teams in this section.


We all work on projects so you can add / modify / delete projects whenever you want. Also you can evaluate the cost of project with profit/loss calculations done automatically.

Access Control

This is the most powerful feature of this application. You can assign any module/section/access to any employee .Also you can restrict the access of each employee to each level.

Cost Management

You can evaluate the profit or loss of the projects . Also you can evaluate the employee who is making loss or profit specific to the project.


Admin (Or the person who has this module access) can See , Manage or Mark attendane in this section with IN and OUT time. Also you can see your previous attendances in MY Attendance section.

Leave Management

You can assign leaves, create leaves for full/half day easily. In this section you can easily assign or remove leaves of employees hassel free.


Generate & Pay salary of the employees in this section. Also take printouts if you need.

Support Ticket System

PureHRMS comes with unbeatable support system for employess with seprate departments and admin controls .

More Features :

There are lots more feature listed above. Read here some more features.

  • Company policies & code of conduct management
  • Common notices for all employees
  • Assign task to team members of your team.
  • Fill daily timesheet or work done.
  • Common contacts & common details management
  • Employee self service (Dashboard, My leaves, My attendance , My salary slips, Timesheet , etc)


1.2 GB containing 10 Video tutorials

Below tutorials will help you understand how you can use PureHRMS in your organisation and company. You will also get more tutorials in future so start using PureHRMS today.

Above is the set of 10 Videos which we uploaded on youtube so that you can have the full information how to use PureHRMS . You can also go directly to our youtube page to see tutorials . Please use HD settings while viewing the tutorial videos.

24X7 support

Technical Details

PureHRMS is a web application which have some technical requirements to run on servers. Major requirements are listed here moreover if you don't understand these requirements you can contact us and we will arrange things for you on your behalf.

  • Requires windows server
  • Asp .NET 4.5 Version
  • MS SQL 2012
We are currently hosted on and these hosting provider has all technical requirement to run this web application. You can choose any plan from them.

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